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Ansel Adams Photographer  
Louisa May Alcott Novelist  
Miranda Cosgrove Actress  
Alexander Graham Bell Inventor  
Thomas Edison Inventor  
Tim Tebow Athlete  
Bethany Hamilton Athlete/Actress  
Florence Nightingale Nurse  
Joey Logano Driver NASCAR's Homeschooled Star
Laura Ingalls Wilder Novelist "10 homeschooled celebrities"

The above people were all home schooled.


NHEA affirms the primacy of parental responsibility for the welfare, socialization and education of their children.
NHEA is dedicated to the education and socialization of children in the natural setting of the family.

Fortunately for us in Ontario home schooling is legal. The following excerpt is from Ontario's Education Act section 21:

"When attendance excused
(2) A person is excused from attendance at school if,
(a) the person is receiving satisfactory instruction at home or elsewhere"

Homeschooling has been a rewarding experience for generations. With many methods and approaches, Christian home education has become a preferred alternative form of instruction.

We at NHEA are here to support you and serve the home educating community in the Niagara Region.